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Happy New Year! It’s 2019 and we are ready to make the most of it! We have several weekly drop-in classes, beginner workshops, meditations, and kid and teen classes (booking now for the semester). All our classes can be found on the Soul Shine Fairhope App (On Apple and Google Play).
If you are so excited to fly that you want to book a beginner private session, you can send us an email (kudzu@kudzuaerial.com) and we will get back with you to set up a time to fly.

Book your child's circus semester direct on our site (use your Mindbody login).

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Private Sessions

One hour of training on the Vine, Silks or Lyra. $65 hr

Available on Select Saturdays, Fridays and Mondays.

I’ve tried to describe a typical private lesson, but there isn’t one. Every person comes to the studio with a different need and expectation and it’s our job to help you uncover what you need to do to fly. Some students want to learn tricks on the silks (this takes multiple lessons and a lot of hard work and study), others want to methodically walked through the basic steps of Aerial Yoga, I’ve had some hyperactive child students come in and simply be very calm and still in the Vines.

When you book a session at Kudzu Aerial, you’re simply getting more than an hour of circus play, you’re getting a chance to get to know yourself better by working out on the apparatus.
As a certified personal trainer with a specialty in Corrective Exercise, I can give you a basic exercise program to do at home to help strengthen and stabilize, I can also provide you with the proper class programming and referrals to other health professionals who can help you on your fitness journey.

It is my belief that Circus arts is the best way to get to know who you are better, but that can only happen when you feel you are in a safe, happy, and knowledgeable space.

What a Private Session is NOT:
A time to showoff
Instructions on how to do aerial at home (though I will tell you the million reasons why you SHOULD NOT)
A time to get mad at yourself for not knowing how do do something.


What you need to do to book a private session:
1. Email us with the subject line: Private Session Inquiry
2. Please include the age of the participant, and any special information that we  need to make the most out of your session.

3. Please include your preferred times for a session (Weekdays,morning or evenings) 

4. Provide the best phone number for us to reach you and a preferred time for us to call and make the appointment.


What to do on your day of your private session:
1. Eat a good meal, but a few hours before coming to class (a handful of nuts is a great pre-aerial snack).

2. Wear comfortable clothing: Yoga pants/leggings (tight-fitting that you can stretch in) and a top that can be tucked in.
3. Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle (we rent mats for $2).
4. If it is your first time in our space, please arrive about 5-10 minutes early so you have plenty of time to change, fill-out paperwork and get settle in.

How we begin our private sessions:
1. A brief talk about what you want to to with silks / fitness.
2. A warm-up
3. Movement assessment for desired skill
4. This is where each session varies, but it is our hope that you walk away feeling accomplished and have exercises you can do at home to strengthen, stabilize, and gain mobility.
5. Each class ends with a cool-down and review. This is a great time to take photos to show what you did (this is great for progress photos as well).

What to expect after class.

  1. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) might set in 1-3 days after your first class. If you are incredibly sore, don’t worry, extreme soreness decreases over time. If you do experience DOMS, we recommend taking an Epsom Salt bath and to Keep Moving! It might seem counter-intuitive, but the best thing you can do with soreness is to keep moving those muscles.
  2. You’re going to think about all the things you wish you had done or questions you should have asked. I recommend writing down your thoughts in a notebook (or in a notes app) and bringing it with you to your next session. You can email the questions ahead of time so I can go over them before your next session.
  3. Invite a friend or two to join you next time. Semi-private sessions are a lot of fun and a great way to split costs. There is an added benefit of having someone else to ask questions and help. Just let me know that you are bringing someone with you next session.



Deposits for sessions  will be given a refund in the form of a Kudzu Aerial Credit if cancellations made more than one week before your Event.  No refunds for no-shows.



Due to the holidays, our class schedule will be limited. Please check our schedule on Mindbody (Under Soul Shine Yoga) or with the Soul Shine Fairhope App.

Aerial Yoga

12pm – 1pm

11:30am – 12:30pm

If you have never done aerial before, these classes are the best places to start. While most of our classes are beginner-friendly, these classes are the slowest-paced and the most immersive in the relaxing and restorative practice that is Aerial Yoga. 
Each class ends with a cool down stretch and a floating savasana.

Students who progress with this class report gaining strength & flexibility, balance & coordination along with an overall increase in well-being.

Aerial Yoga: Level II

6:15 pm -7:15 pm

10am – 11am

Aerial Yoga - Level 2 is designed to build on the skills you have mastered in Aerial Yoga Open Level. You are familiar with the vines and are ready to progress into more challenging sequences and poses.

To fully enjoy this class, you should be familiar with some of the basic postures from Aerial Yoga and feel comfortable inverting for over a minute without assistance.

Level 2 has fewer cues and oftentimes after a flow is set, is performed in silence, allowing the student to perform their flows at their own meditative pace.

Aerial Fit

6:15pm - 7:!5 pm

For Teens and Adults.

Aerial Fit is a class designed to build strength, improve flexibility and coordination, and increase your aerobic endurance in this all-in-one fitness class. Expect to build heat, plank, squat, invert and flip in your classes with the help of your instructor.

Each class focuses on either a circus flow on the vines or working on increasing knowledge of gymnastics or aerial concepts (such as pike compression, hollow body, or inversions). This class for those who like to challenge themselves in body and mind. The fun is contagious and the results are incredible.


Meditation with Dr. Nimit

First Monday of the Month
7:15pm - 8:30pm

Once a month, Dr. Nimit of the Meditation Center of Alabama in Mobile leads us in a guided and silent meditation in the Kudzu studio. We provide Vines, cushions, mats and blankets, but you are more than welcome to bring whatever will make your meditative practice more comfortable.

This class is free, but donations are accepted on behalf of the Meditation Center of Alabama.

Other Classes

Don't see your class here? We offer beginner series, silk series, private lessons and more. Check out our event page here.


“The first limitation you have is your imagination is what is physically possible to build.

It’s surprising, sometimes, the things that you think are impossible turn out to be doable and what you thought made them impossible was really an opinion, not a fact.”

— Joe Rohde, Imagineer

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Whether you're a future frequent flyer or simply looking to drop-in, class packages are the best option for you to get the most out of your experience.


Class Packages

$15 — Single Class
$143 — 13 Class Package / 3 mo
$234 — 26 Class Package / 6 month
$390 — 52 Class Package / 1 year