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All Classes on the Kudzu Schedule are open to beginners (except for level 2), as you progress in your practice, other classes, series, and collaborations will be made available.


Aerial Yoga 

  • hold a plank for 30 seconds
  • be medically cleared for exercise

In Depth Description: Aerial Yoga - Open Level is designed to be a class for all levels. Ideally, you have taken a few Aerial Yoga Basics classes or a yoga class, but some students like to jump right in to open level.

Each class works through a specialized flow to help increase strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Our flows offer just the right level of challenge that increases as you progress in the program.
Each class ends with a cool down stretch and a relaxing savasana while you float in the Vines!
Students who progress with this class report gaining strength & flexibility, balance & coordination along with an overall increase in well-being.


Aerial Yoga - Level 2 

  • hold a plank for 30 seconds

  • feels comfortable holding inversions for over a minute

Aerial Yoga - Level 2 is designed to build on the skills you have mastered in Aerial Yoga Open Level. You are familiar with the vines and are ready to progress into more challenging sequences and poses. To fully enjoy this class, you should be familiar with some of the basic postures from Aerial Yoga and feel comfortable inverting for over a minute without assistance.
Level 2 has fewer cues and oftentimes after a flow is set, is performed in silence, allowing the student to perform their flows at their own meditative pace.


Aerial Fit

  • medical clearance for exercise
  • a willingness to sweat
  • committed towards working on long-term goals

Aerial Fit is a class designed to build strength, improve flexibility and coordination, and increase your aerobic endurance in this all-in-one fitness class. Expect to build heat, plank, squat, invert and flip in your classes with the help of your instructor.

Each class focuses on either a circus flow on the vines or working on increasing knowledge of gymnastics or aerial concepts (such as pike compression, hollow body, or inversions). This class for those who like to challenge themselves in body and mind. The fun is contagious and the results are incredible.