Why I Won't Teach Your Child Contortion

Why I Won't Teach Your Child Contortion

Our newsfeeds are clogged full of bendy kids or performers who take it to The Extreme but the problem is, that no one sees what it takes to get there, or what happens next.

People who go viral with their talents are usually the products of years of moulding into a certain way, and before that, they had the correct anatomical build to get to where they are. You are born with the body you have, and it is the only body you will have, maximize it's use, don't limit it by pushing yourself to the point of injury for an Instagram photo. 
I don't want your child's back pain on my conscience, no matter how badly they want that instagram photo. A herniated disc is not worth a few hundred likes. An adult life spent in chronic pain is not worth a "viral video".

Pay What You Want Sundays

To most of us, Sundays is a day to rest, worship, restore, and/or blow off steam. 

At Kudzu, we want to be a part of your Sunday practice. 

For many, being able to schedule an aerial yoga or fitness class during the week can be stressful. Sundays are your day.

All we ask is that you pay what you want in order to keep this program open. Spaces are limited, so you can sign up online to reserve a spot, but if you do not show up 5 minutes before class, your Vine might be given to someone who is waiting.

When I started Kudzu, I wanted to make sure there was a day reserved for "donation" or "pay what you want" classes. I am modeling Sundays after one of my favorite studios in New York, Liberated Movement and borrowing from the open-spirited nature of the Yoga to the People organization. Our relationship with our bodies is sacred, and our well-being should not be determined by our work-schedule or for cash-strapped students who want to have a chance to fly.

What to expect out of Sunday:
Expect fun!
Expect all different levels of fitness and practices.
Be Patient with yourself and others.
Remember that to many yoga is a personal practice: respect the savasana.
Expect to make new friends! You are welcome to "hang" out after the classes, take photos and meet new friends!