There is No Way I Can Do THAT!

You don't have to do over-splits, pull-ups, and death-defying drops in order to come to Kudzu. I didn't create it exclusively for that. I created Kudzu because I believe circus fitness can benefit nearly everyone.


This blog post is dedicated to those of who have told me

"It's so amazing that you are opening up an aerial studio. I'm weak/not flexible/old to do it."

You see, I'm opening the studio for you: those who never thought they could do aerial. There can be many health and fitness benefits to low-height aerial activity, including, increased range of motion, increased strength and balance (it won't make you younger, but it can make you FEEL younger).

It can be intimidating watching performances of Cirque Du Soleil or seeing a performer  practicing high on an aerial silk, but Kudzu's fitness programs are structured for people of all levels. 

Circus fitness is not only fun, it is incredibly effective in order to help you reach your personal goals. When practiced with a certified instructor, you can meet fitness goals you never thought possible. 

It is not my intention to turn you into a performer for Cirque Du Soleil.
It is my job to help you increase your range of motion, physical wellbeing, and to teach you to play!!!!! 

I encourage every one who walks through the door to think of two goals:

1. That is modest and manageable (example: I want to do a pullup/I want greater range of motion in my hamstrings)
2. One that seems totally impossible (example: I want to hold myself in the air for one minute/I want to do a split in the air). 

Circus fitness needs to be about You and the relationship you have with Your body, not about forcing your body into positions that will cause injury down the line.

We cannot deny ourselves wish to improve because of the limitations we set limitations by not trying. 

We start growing old the moment we begin to limit our definition of what is possible.
We start becoming wise the day we find the best way to grow our soul.