Guest Blogger: Greta T. Bates. My Experience with Aerial Yoga.

On Confidence: You’ve got this or rather the silks have you! When entering the Kudzu studio, you need to check your apprehension at the door. This is not a place for fear of flying. There is not only a physical release to this practice but an emotional release as well. You’ve got to trust the teachers and the equipment. You’ve got to trust yourself. There is something very freeing about this work along with an element of playfulness and joy. One thing you will definitely hear during a class is laughter. Go out on a limb and swing away.

On Strength: As a long time yoga practitioner, I consider myself to be relatively strong. That was until I tried aerial yoga. Wow! Talk about a difference. There is the familiarity of the terminology and postures, alignment cues and there is a mat below you. But talk about using your center. Utilizing the suspended silks throws a whole new component into the traditional yoga practice. You can’t rely on gravity. You can’t depend on balance as you know it. When holding onto the fabric, the ever moving, unstable fabric, you have got to engage your abdominals or you will end up on the mat below you. This is a different kind of strength training. You WILL get a great workout and discover muscles you never knew you had!

On Turning Back Time: There are no age restrictions for yoga and the same can be said of aerial yoga. The teachers at Kudzu are skilled, patient and supportive. Anything can be modified for your particular skill set. Let go of your preconceived notions of this fitness art. If you’re interested in gaining confidence, strength or finding your inner child, take a turn down Young Street in Fairhope, AL and come hang out. You’ll find it’s never too late to run away and join the circus. 

You’ll find it’s never too late to run away and join the circus.
— Greta T. Bates

Greta T. Bates is a dance teacher at Creative Outlet Dance Center, certified yoga instructor, reiki practitioner, blogger, wife and mommy of twin 8 year old girls.

Photography by John Estes of Estes Photography