Reiki in Silk: A Whole New Experience

For those of you who know me personally, know that I don't talk publicly about personal experiences, and I do not talk in the realm of things that are not scientifically proven. This being said, I had a very unique experience on Tuesday that I want to share.

I had Reiki and Healing performed on me as I lay inside my silk at Kudzu. Debi Lynn had walked into my life that Sunday to take Beginner Aerial Yoga with Violet. I had heard about Debi Lynn from my friends Violet and Lon, but I'm the kind of person who likes to experience things for myself, and oh boy did I have a fantastic experience.
After class, we talked about my aerial meditation program and I learned that Debi Lynn was visiting our beautiful area and is considering moving to the Eastern Shore. We set up a time to meet on Tuesday and while I cannot do justice the experience that I had, I'll try to explain.

Debi Lynn and I sat down and we had a talk about my life and how I feel about this major moment of transition I am undergoing. It is no big secret that I'm in a period of flux and under a great amount of stress as I build up this studio, teach several classes, keep up with my certifications, manage a facility, build out partnerships, train etc....and I'm not the best at taking time for myself. As we drew the Angel Cards I began to see how I really need to devote more time to take care of myself and make meditation part of my daily practice. In stead of feeling confronted with my shortfalls of taking care of myself, I felt a new sense of empowerment. I felt that my "team" was going to be there to help me. All of a sudden, my stressors seemed a little more manageable as she laid out the cards in front of me.
We worked with a few more decks that she had specially selected for me and we talked a little more about the best way for me to pursue my goals.
Afterwards I laid in the silk and took the savasana pose. For a 45 minutes I floated above the floor, cradled in the fabric while Debi Lynn performed reiki. 
Full disclosure: I have had reiki performed on me several times in the past, and I have had a wide variety of experiences from lukewarm to inspirational, but each time I could sense that a person was standing over me performing a ritual. When I lay inside the fabric, I felt completely focused on myself and what I needed to do to heal. 
There were incredibly personal moments that happened in the silk, memories dredged up and then cast aside, I felt a huge burden lifted and I felt calm and centered afterwards. 
When Debi Lynn stepped away and said that the session was over, I was able to slowly come back to consciousness by moving around in the fabric before returning back to "Reality". And then we discussed some ways to meditate to make sure that I make this a habit in my day-to-day life.
The most amazing part of this is that the session happened on Tuesday and people have been commenting on how much more calm and collected I have been since the session. I truly feel that my experience was transformative, and I hope it can be transformative for you as well.

As Debi Lynn reminded me, it's been inside me, I just needed that guide to nudge me in the right direction. I have a whole team working with me, and I like knowing that. 

If you are interested in Reiki in Silk, Debi Lynn will offer a special session this Tuesday 26th and will also be holding a special Aerial Meditation and Reiki session at 6 pm on Sunday January 31st. You can Direct Message Debi Lynn for more information, or you can email kudzu aerial ( subject line: Reiki Healing) for more information.
 The Facebook event for Reiki in Silk private session for February 2nd is here.

Everyone’s Reiki experience is as different as we are from each other. Whether it’s gentle, overwhelmingly powerful or completely unnoticeable...just know that it is the perfect experience for you at that time and honor that perfection.