Frequently Asked Questions: Hopefully Answered

What is Aerial Fitness?

Aerial fitness is exercise incorporating aerial silks. At Kudzu, we specialize in group fitness classes centered around an aerial hammock. The hammock is adjustable for the individual at the height of their hip.
During class, you will use the hammock in a many different ways, in order to get the most out of your workout. You will be given an instruction and a modification if needed.
Aerial Yoga focuses on utilizing yoga asanas on the hammock. In many ways, it is like a traditional yoga class with a floating savasana at the end. 
Aerial Conditioning utilizes the hammock as an assist in strength and flexibility training. You don’t have to be able to do a pull-up to take class, but many students have gained the ability to do a pull-up after a few classes just by utilizing the silks.

How long are your group classes?
Each class runs for 75 minutes. 60 of those minutes are devoted to the class, and the other 15 are for adjusting hammocks, checking in with students, sometimes taking an extra long savasana, reviewing poses from class, or taking photos. At Kudzu, we try our best to start on time, so please show up a few minutes early so we may adjust your silk to your correct height.

How old is too old?
There is no too Old to try Aerial Fitness! Aerial yoga can be restorative and help increase balance and strength. As long as your doctor has cleared you for exercise, we can find the best modification for you,

How young is too young?

Starting in October, we will be offering a kids circus class. Ages 7-12 can take the class (with a guardian's signed consent). Basic movement skills and alignment will be taught alongside light flexibility training. At Kudzu, we don’t push circus arts on young children because they are still growing and we do not want to force splits, backbends, or drops before they are developmentally ready. Kids don’t have the “fear factor” that prevents them from being injured. It is our goal during Kids Circus for kids to develop motor skills and learn how to have fun and be safe. All classes have a certified teacher and an assistant supervising the activities.

Vertical Silks are a beautiful art form that takes a lot of time, and effort.

What if I want to learn Vertical Silks or Lyra?

Private and semi-private classes can be scheduled by emailing It is advised that you take a few aerial yoga or conditioning classes before transitioning to circus apparatuses, but is not required.

What is Donation-Based Sunday?

Starting in October, Sunday classes are pay what you want! There are two scheduled aerial yoga or yoga classes (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) In between classes, there will be a skill share time where people can come to practice what they love to do.

Entrance through front, side, or up the outside stairs.

Kudzu’s on Young Street, isn’t that a bit out of the way?
We are located off of Morphy St. less than one block from the tennis courts at Stimpson Field and two blocks from Faulkner Campus, Thomas Hospital, and the Fire Department. We have ample onsite parking on Horn Lane, just drive slowly and mind the New Orleans speed bumps.

Can I just drop in for classes?
You can always drop in for a class, but booking online will guarantee you a spot. You can also pay in advance online if you so choose.

One of several certifications Mosher has received.

One of several certifications Mosher has received.

Do you offer discounts, class cards, or monthly passes?
We will offer discount codes throughout the year with certain partners. You can buy a 10 class card for $120, or an unlimited monthly pass for $100. (These rates apply for October 2015). We accept cash, card, check, and online payments.


Ummmm Are you insured or qualified to to this?
Yes, we have specific circus school insurance in order to ensure your safety. Everyone must physically sign a document before participating in their first class in order to meet our policy’s standards.
Every teacher at Kudzu must be certified by at least one major fitness organization and have previous teaching experience in a movement discipline before going through Kudzu’s training. 


Wait, seriously, you want me to try this? You know I’m going to look like an idiot, right?

Yes we want you to try it, and no, you are not going to look like an idiot!
At Kudzu, we want to make aerial your fun fitness outlet. You are only there to have fun and enjoy your workout. 

Do you do events?
Yes! Kudzu is a great place to hold events, parties, conferences, and photoshoots. Email Subject: Event Inquiry.