2019: The Year We Will Make Our Goals .... Here's How.

The new year is finally here and I’m seeing a lot of people posting about their resolutions for this trip around the sun.

My question to you is: did you keep your resolution from last year?
If you did, what helped you make it to the finish line?
If you fell short of your goal, how can we help to shore up that gap in the future?

In 2018, I held tight to my practice of loving-kindness towards myself and others and developed a strong and daily (mostly) meditation and mindfulness practice. I met these goals because I kept a reminder on my dresser and looked at it every day. I also surrounded myself with people who have a strong practice in mindfulness and lovingkindness to help me reach my goals.

The key to holding to your goals is to regularly remind yourself of your goal and align yourself with people who have a regular practice of what you want to begin.

If your goals (or one of your many goals) include aerial in 2019, I would love to help you get you to where you want to go.

As an aerial yoga instructor, I am constantly looking for ways to align and engage people with their personal fitness goal while having fun. My priority of safety and comfort first, followed by a fun and challenging experience keep me inspired and connected with the amazing flyers who come into the studio.

One of the ways I define my work is “I help redefine people’s definition of possible” step-by-step, class-by-class. If you are curious about aerial yoga, but are still wondering if it is possible for you to fly, reach out to me, and we can schedule an introductory session or have a phone consult to get you headed to where you want to be this year.

Keep your goal going all the way to the finish line, who knows, maybe you’ll fly over it this time?

- Yours in Flight,

P.S. If you are interested in more wellness offerings this year, check my amazing partners at Blue Sky Collective. There is a wealth of knowledge ranging from diet, to personal training, to reiki!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s been a busy semester in the Kudzu studio. So busy that I haven’t posted what has been going online. Kid Circus classes have been going strong for the past few months, but we are going to take a break for Thanksgiving week (all classes from Monday the 19th - Saturday the 24th and the Sunday 11:30 am class).

If you are ever in doubt if we are having a class, all our classes are on the Soul Shine Fairhope app or Mindbody (through Soul Shine Yoga) or you can send us an email to kudzu@kudzuaerial.com or message us through our Facebook page.

Since we are about to enter into the very busy holiday season, I hope you can take time out to be mindful and present and take care of yourself. If you are looking for some new self-care tools for your tool-belt, check out some of the offerings through The Blue Sky Collective.

If you haven’t heard of Blue Sky yet, it’s the collective that now shares the 265 space and Soul Shine Yoga. It’s wonderful to have so many wonderful new people and events in the space. There will be more to come after the holiday season, so make sure you are subscribed to our emails to get the information needed.

If I don’t see you in the studio before the 19th, I hope you have a wonderful and fun Thanksgiving holiday.

See you in the Vines.


On Beginner's Luck and How to Make the Most Out of Your Aerial Class

“It's called the principle of favorability, beginner's luck.
Because life wants to achieve your destiny.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

When I reread this classic book recently, this quote reminded me of how I felt when I discovered aerial. I was struck by a bit of beginner’s luck when asked to perform in a show after taking one class. That opportunity took me down an Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole of Underground Circus, Sideshow, working corporate gigs (for companies like ALFA and Google) and creating a lot of crazy memories along the way.

What I began to understand was the incredible depths of circus culture and how unique the history was. As my training progressed, I began to hone my focus to what it is today: using aerial to help empower myself and my students to have a healthy and pain-free body.

So many of my lessons have come from teaching others. Teaching allows me to see how aerial can impact lives in countless and indescribable ways (which is kinda inconvenient when you’re communicating through newsletters). I’ve had the opportunity to perform several times in a variety of amazing settings, but I have to say that my Beginner’s Luck of performance in aerial led me to my destiny of becoming a dedicated teacher of an art form that can change lives.

I would love to pass on my Beginner’s Luck to you by offering a few tips to make you feel like you’re starring in the Center Ring in your own show.

1. Your only expectation should be to to have a fun experience.
If you start thinking about the things you want to do (or are scared to do) you’ll create a list of expectations that could rob you of the fabulous feeling of being a rock star after your first class.

2. Don’t compare yourself to the people around you.
This has been said over and over and over again in so many settings, but I want to add my voice to this chorus. This is your experience, don’t rob yourself of your accomplishments by seeing where someone else is. Some of my students have been taking classes since we opened in 2015! Be inspired to see what is possible, but don’t worry that you won’t fit in….fitting in is boring any way.

3. Take photos at the end of class!
Trust me, you’ll want to do this for two reasons. First of all, you’ll save a lot of time showing people a photo of what you’ve done rather than try to describe it and secondly, you’ll want that for progress photos later on. Progress photos are some of my favorite ways to know how I’ve changed my relationship with my body through fabric.

4. Finally! Don’t expect to understand everything said the first class.
Hollow body, candlestick, pike, skin the cat are all common words and phrases in the studio, but the first time you hear all these words you might feel you’re taking a foreign language class (and don’t get me started on physics). You are encouraged to ask questions, and if you don’t feel comfortable asking questions in class, you can always reach out to me after class. 

Beginner’s Luck doesn’t mean you have to run away with the circus, it means you just need to keep going to find out what drives you.

If your motivation is to try something new, feel better in your body, and redefine the word “impossible” I hope you’ll join me in the studio this week.

If you’re feeling you have some beginner’s luck on your side or if you have a friend who thinks they are ready, come join me in the studio for a class or a session.

Yours in Flight,


P.S. As always, if you have any questions regarding which classes you want to take, or you really want to come, but still aren’t sure if this is your journey, simply hit reply and ask me whatever is on your mind.

Choreography Intensive

I've been wanting to teach a choreography workshop for years and I finally had the opportunity to teach it on Monday 3/27 from 3-6 pm. If you missed out on this workshop, I'm looking forward to doing another one this summer.

The first part of the workshop was Vine choreography and games that helped warm us up and have fun playing and exploring transitions and sequences. I was having so much fun teaching that I didn't get to take any photos.

The second part involved creating individual pieces on the silks that included movement quality, theming, and endurance. 

If you feel you missed out on a fun and fantastic workshop (it totally was), keep an eye out here, on our email newsletter or on our Facebook page.

If you want to begin your aerial journey, we are offering several drop-in classes throughout the week.