Kid Circus: The Smiles Speak for themselves.

The smiles speak for themselves. We are in week 10 of Kid Circus Level 1, and our students are working on sequencing poses together into choreography. These kids have been working hard having fun; as their teacher, I could not be more proud at all they are accomplishing in Kudzu's Kid Circus.
When you see a child smile and play, it can be easy to think that it's easy for them, but circus is not easy. The first attempts at many of these poses takes focus, determination and grit. For many, the hardest part of learning aerial is slowing down and only focusing on the task in front of them. This simple (but not easy) shift in thinking has the power to transform people of all ages and backgrounds - I've seen it change people's lives.

Parent Watch Week is a great way to show parents what their children are learning, but there are more reasons: 

1. Learn the joy of sharing circus with others.
2. Understand the value of working together in an ensemble.
3. Get a preview of what Showcase will be like at the end of the semester.
4. Be focused and present while performing.

After performing the choreographed piece (which they learned as the top of the hour), they are allowed to show their families some of their favorite moves one-on-one as I walk around the room supervising the students and soaking up the joy in sharing circus with families.

The value of circus is in sharing in hard work transmuted into joy. The essence of what we do is alchemical: we take our struggles, fears, limited beliefs and transmute them through our efforts to the singular beauty of accomplishment. On the other side of this process is such joy and pride that there is no trace of that original struggle that many doubt that it ever existed. 

If your child (8+) wants to try Aerial Circus for themselves, the next sign-up opportunity is Kid Circus Camp for Spring Break (March 27-29th). 

Kid Circus.png

Ensemble performance includes a sequence of poses and transitions performed as a group.

Kid Circus (3).png

More advanced skills are done one-at-a-time, or in small groups to make sure everyone feels comfortable, confident, and safe.

Kid Circus (2).png
Kid Circus (5).png

The progress in their strength in only a few short weeks is inspirational. No one can tell these young women that "girls don't have upper-body strength".

Kid Circus (6).png
Kid Circus (1).png

Friendships blossom in class as we celebrate our accomplishments and support each other in our efforts. 


Thanks to Jimmy Fulcher for the wonderful photos.
All posted photos are from Parent Watch Week March 13, 2018 for Kid Circus Level 1 on Tuesdays at 3:45 at Kudzu Aerial.

For more information on our upcoming Kid Circus program visit our upcoming page  or contact us here