What are you expecting?

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People enter the Kudzu studio all the time so they can see what they can do. Some have the expectation of flying high, while others simply want to know what it's like to hang upside down. 

What you expect when you come into the space is just as important (if not more important) than what you learn once you are in the classroom. 

If you walk in thinking that you are going to be in Cirque Du Soleil three weeks after starting your first class, I can't teach you anything that will match your expectations of circus stardom. 

If, however, you do come to class inspired, you are more than welcome to ask questions and see what is possible (who knows, maybe circus is in your future after all).

Your expectation might be to simply stay through a whole class without feeling like a total misfit. If this is your expectation, I can definitely help you. I strive to create a sense of belonging in circus for everyone who comes into my space.

Managing expectation is key to a healthy and fun class. Here's some things you can expect from one of my classes:

1. To take care of your physical and emotional safety by only working on movements you feel comfortable with (the inverse is that I will not teach you something that you think you are ready for, but are not).
2. To properly warm-up the body (and creating modifications for every level of fitness)
3. To create a space of comfort and relaxation (especially during savasana & meditation).
4. To feel a sense of accomplishment after class.
5. To have fun! 

Remember: even if you only attempted a move, I want you to feel that you are working on a pose that will not only make your body stronger, but it's connecting you to a deeper history of movement.


If you are the kind of person who only likes to do things if they are perfect the first time, this is not for you.  No one gets it perfect the first time. Perfect isn't the goal.

The goal is to move freely and with stability. It doesn't matter what pose you focus on, each time you revisit a move, you are going to get something new out of it. The practice never gets boring, and in the process you will learn something new about yourself.

If you have questions about your own expectations (or even your personal objections for why you are hesitating flying), just send me an email here and I'd love to talk with you more. 

My passion is connecting people with flight so they can learn more about themselves. Aerial is a conduit for deep, personal introspection, healing, and growth; and I want to help facilitate that growth. 

No matter your expectation, I look forward to flying with you in the Vines.

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