Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

And should I then presume?                  And how should I begin?" - T.S. Eliot 

And should I then presume? 

               And how should I begin?" - T.S. Eliot 


frequently Asked Questions

I’m a beginner which class should i take?
Our classes are open to anyone who has been medically cleared to work out. All of our drop in classes are beginner-friendly, though most classes have a wide variety of ages and fitness levels. We treat our group classes like a group yoga class, where there are modifications for all fitness levels.

I’m out of shape, is this right for me? What class would be a good start?
If you are medically cleared to workout and are looking for a low-impact class. We suggest Aerial Yoga and Aerial Stretch as a slower-paced class in order to become acquainted with the practice. We also offer private sessions and consultations to help you find the best class for you.

What’s the weight limit?
Our individual weight limit is 250 pounds.

Do I need a mat?
Yes. We recommend a non-slip yoga mat. If you forget one, we offer mat rentals for $2 at the front desk.

How much of class is spent upside down (inversion)?
Most class flows involve very few -if any- inversions. At the end of class after savasana we open up time to teach or practice inversions.
If an inversion is taught during a class and you do not believe you should participate, you are welcome to take a modified pose by the teacher, or take a basic stretch on the fabric.

What are some Medical Issues that would prevent me from participating?
People with the certain medical conditions (but not limited to) are at a medium risk and should consult with their physician before inverting:
Detached Retinas, Glaucoma, or Conjunctivitis (do not participate at all if you have a case). Untreated Hypertension,Recent Surgery (within a month), Chronic Vertigo, Head Injury, Sinusitis,Hip Replacement, current Herniated or slipped or “bulging” discs.

If you are on Anti-Coagulants, have heart or circulatory disorders, or bone density issues, please consult your physician before participating.
If your physician requires more information on our program before clearing you to work out, they can contact us via email or calling us at 251-517-0268.

Can I take a class while I'm pregnant?
If you are pregnant, and have not been practicing inversions before becoming pregnant, please avoid inversions until after you have given birth and are cleared to return to working out. Pregnant women who had a regular practice before becoming pregnant can continue to participate as long as they are cleared by their physician.
If you are looking for a pre-natal yoga class, our sister studio Soul Shine Yoga offers an excellent program several times a week.


Do you offer kids classes?
We do offer kid classes starting ages 8-12. We offer 2 semester programs as well as summer programming. We also offer Kid Circus camps and workshops happen throughout the year.


Can kids take adult classes?
Children ages 13 and up are allowed to participate with an adult in the class with them or with parental permission (parent or legal guardian must show up and sign the form before student can participate.


Do men take your classes?
Yes. We have several men who take the class and find that our classes help build strength and greatly improve their stretching regimen.

Does the soreness go away?
Yes. Some students experience extreme soreness after their first few classes, but that is to be expected when beginning any new fitness regimen. We recommend a bath of epsom’s salt the evening after your first class.

What’s with the bruising?

Certain exercise will sometimes cause bruising or leave red marks on the skin. Usually this only happens the first few times you practice a pose and the body will adapt with time.

What are your class package options?
Our Drop-in rate is $15 per class.
We also offer class packs and unlimited class options.

What deals do you offer for Unlimited Yogis at Soul Shine Yoga?
Unlimited yogis at Soul Shine can get special class rates if they ask at the front desk.

Do you offer private classes?
We offer private classes and semi-private classes, you can get more info here.

Where can I find your schedule?
Our schedule can be found here, on the Facebook page or on the Mindbody app.

Do you offer Aerial Silks or Lyra classes?
We offer Aerial Silks and Lyra series sessions. We believe the best way to learn the art of Aerial Silks is to build skills over time. We announce series and workshops often. Make sure you are signed up for our weekly newsletter and Like us on Facebook to stay up to date.

What’s the difference between Aerial Silks and Aerial Yoga?
Aerial Silks is a circus art form that combines dance, acrobatics and a special fabric. Aerial Silks or (Tissue) made popular by Cirque Du Soleil.
Beginner classes at Kudzu offer a strong foundation in body awareness and the proper mechanics needed in order to help the student create the proper skills that also build strength and healthy flexibility. We recommend you take at least 1-3 of our drop-in classes on the Vine to build the connection with the fabric in order to build trust with the fabric.
Aerial Yoga, Aerial Stretch, and Aerial Fit are classes taught on the Vine (a double-pointed hammock made from the same material as Aerial Silks). The hammock is adjustable so we can easily fit the fabric to your height. Aerial Yoga incorporates the fun of flying and aerial arts, but can be more beginner friendly. Aerial Yoga incorporates many yoga poses and sequences along with yoga philosophy and breath-based work and all classes end in a floating savasana or meditation.