We know that Aerial Arts is a journey and every person is on their individual path. We take pride in working with each student to help them realize their aerial and fitness goals.

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Drop-In Classes

Perfect for:
Adults with busy schedules
Strength + Flexibility 

Each class works through a specialized flow to help increase strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. Our flows offer just the right level of challenge that increases as you progress in the program.

Students who progress with this class report gaining strength & flexibility, balance & coordination along with an overall increase in well-being.

Types of Drop-In Classes:
Aerial Yoga
Aerial Fit
Aerial Yoga: Low Flow
Level 2 Classes (we recommend a few beginner classes before progressing)

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Perfect for:
Special Events

Parties at Kudzu Aerial are all about FUN! We specialize in creating a special class that will be appropriate for the age and skill-level of the participants.

Our Party Description Page will break-down the kinds of parties that we do and what is included in each package.

Basic Class: $65 + $10 for additional participants

Full Party: $195

Private sessions: $65 + $10 for additional participants

Mat rental not included.

Types of Parties:
One hour class
Class + Party Space
Semi-Private Classes

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Personal Training 

Perfect for:
First-time flyers
Those who ask a lot of questions
People who want to progress

Every person comes to the studio with a different need and expectation and it’s our job to help you uncover what you need to do to fly. Some students want to learn tricks on the silks (this takes multiple lessons and a lot of hard work and study), others want to methodically walked through the basic steps of Aerial Yoga, I’ve had some hyperactive child students come in and simply be very calm and still in the Vines.

How we begin our private sessions:
1. A brief talk about what you want to to with silks / fitness.
2. A warm-up
3. Movement assessment for desired skill
4. This is where each session varies, but it is our hope that you walk away feeling accomplished and have exercises you can do at home to strengthen, stabilize, and gain mobility.
5. Each class ends with a cool-down and review. This is a great time to take photos to show what you did (this is great for progress photos as well).

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Series & Workshops 

Perfect for:
Students looking to specialize in an aerial apparatus.

Series & Workshops are intensives designed to progress Kudzu students to the next level. All series feature small class sizes, which means you (and/or your child) gets more attention and more chances to fly. Each series focuses on advancing new skills, by using special warm-ups and stretches to healthily create amazing poses in the air.

The requirements for a silk series varies depending on the series. Please read the requirements before booking, if you have any questions, just ask us!

Expect to work harder in a group class, but also have a lot of fun.

Examples of Workshops:
Kid + Teen Semester Series
Silk & Lyra Series
Choreography Workshops
Circus Camps
Guest Artist Workshops