“I had an amazing morning at Kudzu: Aerial Fitness and Kinetic Arts Aerial Yoga class this morning - I couldn’t recommend it more! This amazing inversion was like a shot of espresso that jump-started my morning!”
— - Emily
I’m always the best kind of sore after I leave a class at Kudzu.
Megrez taught me how to properly engage my core in the silks and it has transferred into my everyday posture and made a huge difference in my yoga practice. She’s a great teacher.

— Lauren
I joined aerial yoga to increase my strength and balance and over all well-being. I am addicted. I live it and it’s FUN!

— Cindy
I have found muscle groups I never knew I had. My abs are more defined than they have ever been. Great work out: Loads of Fun!
— Scotty
I love Kudzu! After the first session, I was so relaxed that I felt like I had a full body massage.
I forgot I have a body for a few minutes in [Aerial] Meditation.
— Tiffany
I really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you so much! I already feel relief from my chronic shoulder and back pain.

— Kristina
I loved learning about the many facets of yoga in the silk. I gained a better understanding of my anatomy and my own self-awareness. It felt absolutely amazing to try new poses and feel like I was was floating in the silk yet supported. Wonderful experience!
Very Informative. Made me more relaxed. Really enjoyed working with the silk.
I have never done any yoga before, and finally got the courage up to try not only yoga, but aerial yoga. I enjoyed every minute! Megrez took the time to help me execute the poses. Highly recommended! I will be back!
Thank you so much for the new experience! I had a great time during my first class. I definitely intend to continue the yoga journey. I thought that the class had good energy and flow. Plus Megrez handled the mix of ages and experience very well.
— T. Neal
This was an awesome class. I came in stiff and in pain, but I am leaving flexible and feeling great!
Learning proper alignment makes me feel safe in poses, not afraid of injury, feeling comfortable in your knowledge encourages my relaxation and furthers my restoration.

— Keisha
Learning from Megrez Mosher is truly a pleasure. She is one of the most encouraging instructors I have ever met. She demonstrates and walks you through the steps and best practices—clearly displaying her knowledge of the human anatomy, her craft, and how they come together. Megrez is attentive to each pupil and provides one on one attention so that your aerial silk experience is fun, safe, and exciting!
— Ellie Kennedy, Aerial Student
Great Workshop! This was my first experience with aerial yoga and Megrez is a very knowledgable and through instructor. I felt safe and supported the whole class. Megrez was very good demonstration of each pose before having the class attempt the pose. I will definitely be back.

— Shelli
I recently had the opportunity try aerial yoga. Yoga is not something that I practice on a regular basis so I had no idea what to expect. Megrez’s knowledge of the subject made my practice more enjoyable. I left feeling relaxed and restored. I look forward to another session.
— Adrian Billideau
I don’t think I was the youngest one there, but I wasn’t the oldest either, which was good because I had feared everyone else would be teenagers. Of course, this being a small town, I ended up seeing some of my friends there as well, which made it all the more fun. Megrez led us at a slow, safe pace and encouraged us to only go as far as we were able. The silks helped us stretch and move in ways a regular yoga class never could.
— Leslie Ann Terrabella
“I’ve always wanted to try aerial yoga! When I heard Megrez was opening a studio in Fairhope, I simply couldn’t wait to take a class with her. I’ve already experienced many different types of yoga, but nothing quite compares to “flying” in yoga. It takes it to the next level, and that doesn’t always mean a difficulty level. There are some modifications in aerial yoga that are more accessible than other styles I have tried. At the same time, if you’ve hit a plateau with your current practice, it is such a great way to rediscover your mat. Megrez was incredibly knowledgeable about proper body mechanics. She easily tailored the session to my skill level and desires for that class. We spent time working on restorative poses. This was especially useful to me because I was recently in a car accident and suffered a neck injury/concussion. The poses really allowed me to relax and find some improvement! She was such a great teacher and I can’t wait to take another aerial class at Kudzu.”
— Lauran Assad, Aerial Instructor
Megrez has a superb way of assessing a person’s strengths and range of motion & then prescribing exercises to help develop strength and flexibility. She gives clear demonstrations & witty anecdotes keeping the lessons light and learnable. Time with Megrez is time well spent. I highly recommend her services.
— Virginia Keene, Yoga Instructor (Studio Fitness)