Upcoming Series

Upcoming series, camps, and workshops can all be booked through the Soul Shine App through Mindbody under the Events tab. 

All events take place at Kudzu Aerial. Participants need an up-to-date waiver (signed within 12 months) in order to take the class. Waiver can either be emailed ahead of time, or can be filled out before class. Students under the age of 18 must have a guardian sign the waiver BEFORE taking class.


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 At first, the idea might be daunting: hanging your body upside down from a scrap of fabric suspended from the ceiling. But after taking this series, you'll feel comfortable performing several different flows (right-side up and upside down). Each class will discuss proper form and aerial yoga philosophy as well as a relaxing cool-down and floating savasana.
Bring your notebook, yoga mat, and water bottle and prepare to have FUN! 

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Aerial Silks is an elegant art form that demands precise physical effort and concentration; which is why I want to help walk you through the basics of Aerial Silk Philosophy and movement in a small workshop setting. Each person has a different journey and expectation and I want to help create a series that helps get you into the air. Each class includes a warm-up and exercises you can do at home, and a silk sequence you can record and show your friends and family. 

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Kid Circus Camps are one of the most popular events of the year. Camps are the perfect time for your child to learn new skills and put their new skills to use by helping create a unique showcase on the last day.
This is a perfect way for your child to be introduced to circus arts and see if a semester program is right for them.