Taking Your First Class: Step - By - Step Instructions 


Once you're in the building:

  • If this is your first visit, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can fill out the liability waiver (this is different than the one you signed online).
  • All participants are required to sign this form once a year.
  • We have two changing rooms/bathrooms available downstairs.
  • Storage for shoes, purses and valuables is upstairs outside of the studio.
  • Late entry is not allowed. We usually lock the door at the start of class, so please be early.

I'm in the studio, what's next?

  • Before class starts, you’ll select a Vine (what we call our special aerial hammocks), roll out your mat (the center of the mat should be beneath the Vine.)
  • The teacher will come around and adjust the fabric to fit your height. Usually the fabric is the height of where your leg meets your hip, but depending on your needs or the needs of the class, the height could change.
  • Depending on the flow of the class, you’ll either start sitting on the mat or standing behind the fabric.

    Note: Some of the students are “Frequent Flyers” and some have been performing these exercises for over a year and might be doing a more-advanced version of the poses we ask you to practice.
  • At Kudzu, we take pride in being able to offer modifications for the beginner and the more seasoned flyer. The teacher will prompt beginners to try the basic exercise first before attempting the advanced pose. This is not to discourage the student, but rather to allow them to create the appropriate relationship with the fabric to make advanced poses possible.
  • If you really want to try a more advanced move first, please ask the instructor for assistance.
    If the instructor says that you should wait before class, please honor their teaching.
    (Like headstands in yoga, some exercises are dangerous to try without proper preparation. We value your safety in class and wish to honor your body by taking you through the appropriate steps to get you to where you want to go.)
  • If you see a pose demonstrated that you know you cannot do or need a modification, you can ask the instructor to modify. Questions are encouraged during class (Except during opening breath work and our closing savasana).

    A note on Inversions: Most class flows do not involve inversions (going upside down) until the very end. If it is your first time going upside down, your instructor will walk you through it in order to make it the safest and most comfortable experience for you (doing inversions on your own can result in misplacement of fabric, or sliding out all together) please allow us to help you.
  • If you cannot invert for medical reasons (see here) or you are simply not comfortable inverting, you can take a modified pose, or sit and swing in the fabric.

After your first class

We offer a little “hang out” time after class. This is a great time to ask more questions, take a photo of your favorite pose, or get to know some of your fellow flyers.

If you want a photo of yourself in your favorite pose, you can ask your instructor. We love  taking photos of new students! You can tag us @kudzuaerial #kudzuaerial on Instagram.

Note: Most people are sore after their first class, peak soreness usually happens 2-3 days after. This can be helped by taking an epsom salt bath the evening after your first class.
The soreness goes away after a while. You’ll get sore as you progress, but like any new fitness program, the first time you do activities your body will release a lot of lactic acid. Make sure you drink lots of water, sleep well, and eat healthy to help your body get into good habits.

If you have other questions, please check out our FAQ page and if you still haven't had your question answered, you can send us an email here.

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We look forward to flying with you!